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October 31, 2011

Mixed Emotions

My Dearest Boy,

You will be the first of your kind. Your future is bright and vast and limitless.You will be loved and cared for like no other. You will never be alone. You are a construct. In fact, the first human born constuct male. Together with your siblings you will pave the way for others like you. It is what you were conceived for. Not long ago we descended from the stars to build a new race, to build a new earth. And years from now it will be your descendants that  will return to those same stars, together in Lo, who will mature with them — and they will be neither human or Oankali, but something new.

But  as much as you will be adored you will also be hated. You will be feared and hunted. I am sorry, the road you must travel down will sometimes be treacherous and hard. I have done the best I can to equip you for what lies ahead. You have been formed from the best of me, the best of my species, and I love all of you that is human. But you are also Oankali, constructed from the best of Nikanj, Dichaan and Ahajas, and I will do my best to love all that is alien within you.

If there is anything I sincerely hope you inherit from your inhuman ancestors I pray it will be their aversion to falsehoods and deceit. I harbor in my deepest heart a desire for you to be born as close to human as possible, even though I know your appearance must change as you mature. Although a part of me knows you will need what the Oankali have to offer in order to endure  this new, harsher Earth. In order to survive when the raiders come. In order to survive when resisters attack you just for being what you are. You will need your Oankali strength then. You will need eyes in the back of your head and your hearing that would put a hound to shame. One day these Oankali traits will save your life, and I will be glad for your heritage then.


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